Choosing your first StreetCar Navigational Rally

Road Rallying is an exciting entry into motorsport, but with so many different disciplines, it can be overwhelming for newcomers to choose their first event. In this article, we will break down the various disciplines of Road Rallying and help you understand what makes each of them unique. Please note that we will not be including Targa Rallies, as they primarily take place across multi-venues and focus on the special test element of rallying.

StreetCar Navigational Rallies are held on public highways and typically focus on the navigational challenge of rallying. A driver and navigator work together to complete the objective, which usually involves reading and plotting points on a map to reach a series of destinations or controls at a specific time while maintaining an average speed or time schedule.

12 Car Rally

One of the most popular types of rallies, 12 Car Rallies, take place in the evening and require competitors to navigate the correct route while maintaining a time schedule or a 30mph average speed. The winner is determined by the car with the correct control boards, which stays closest to the average speed. While it may seem straightforward, there are numerous obstacles along the route that can slow you down, such as stopping for a control point, plotting your route, and getting lost. After the rally, competitors usually finish at a local pub for refreshments. Many clubs provide marked maps or “pre-plots” for novice teams to help them understand the basics of navigation and time maintenance.

Navigational Scatter

Unlike 12 Car Rallies, Navigational Scatters require competitors to plot points and decide their own route. These rallies usually take place mid-week in the evening, and competitors are provided with documentation from the organising club at the start of the evening to plot their points. These points usually have different values and contribute to the overall score. Competitors visit up to 75% of the points and note the correct code board or solve the queue at each point. It is up to competitors to calculate the most efficient route and manage their time schedule to reach the finish by a specific time.

Touring Assembly

Not all motorsport is competitive, and a Touring Assembly is all about the experience of driving and socialising. StreetCar clubs in the UK organise routes that showcase the country’s beautiful scenery, twisting roads, and inspiring landscapes. There is still some simple navigation to take you on the best route possible.

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Treasure Hunt

For those who love a challenge, a Treasure Hunt is the perfect option. This discipline requires teamwork and problem-solving; all while paying close attention to clues. Competitors follow a predetermined route, solving clues and questions along the way, and require some navigating skills, a keen eye, and a cool head. Treasure Hunts usually finish at a pub, BBQ, or picnic for prize-giving and refreshments, making it an excellent option for couples and families. Some Navigational Rallies restrict the number of competitors to 20 vehicles, and these are known as 20/20 rallies.

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Road & Historic Rallies 

Road Rallies are the most advanced format, with the greatest number of competitors and covering the largest distance, similar to a 12 Car Rally but with more cars and specific technical regulations. Some Road Rallies start with off-road special tests, with the rally taking place late in the evening and finishing in the small hours. 

Historic Rallies are the same, but each club specifies which makes and models of historic vehicle may participate in the chosen Rally. Competitors should have progressed from one or multiple types of the above Road Rallies, and both the driver and co-driver should be confident in navigating and driving.

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