What is a Cross Country Tyro?

Taking place on private land, Cross Country Tyros require drivers to negotiate the set course without hitting a marker and without stopping. Unlike a Car Trial, a Cross Country Tyro requires a 4 x 4 vehicle designed to tackle the testing terrains – though courses are planned to prevent damage to the cars.

Cross country tyros cover challenging terrain, with hills, mud, or other obstacles. The courses are marked out with coloured markers, or canes, and the aim is to get from the start line to the finish line without stopping.

Speeds are low and there is no time limit, but momentum must be maintained in a forward motion in the direction of the course. These events are designed for standard production 4×4 cars that are registered, taxed and MOT’d where appropriate.

As a guide to the terrain you may encounter, the regulations say:

  • The terrain chosen should ensure that vehicles do not catch any bodywork on approach, ramp breakover, or departure angles, and consideration should be given to the vehicles entered when laying out sections
  • Any longitudinal gradient must be 50% maximum
  • Any transverse gradient must be 25% maximum
  • The depth of any water must be 0.3m maximum

Cross Country Tyros are family friendly, and drivers can be as young as 14. They are a wonderful introduction to the world of cross country motorsport.

How to take part in a Cross Country Tyro

There are a number of clubs across the UK organising regular Cross Country Tyros that are open to newcomers. Events are run by local volunteers, with rules and regulations determined by Motorsport UK, the governing body, to provide safe, fair and fun competition.

To find a club or an event near you, or to volunteer to support your local Cross Country Tyro events, register here and a member of our team will be in touch to match you with a StreetCar-accredited club.


For a Cross Country Tyro, no special equipment or training is needed, though a 4 x 4 vehicle will be necessary to compete.

You do not need a driving licence, provided someone else is driving the car to and from the event, as such drivers can be as young as 14. If the driver does not have a licence, they must be accompanied by a passenger who holds a full driver’s licence and has experience in Car Trials or Sporting Trials.

You will need:

  • A 4 x 4
  • A Club membership
  • Your entry fee
  • An RS Clubman licence from Motorsport UK

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